White Diamonds

The Briza Lior Process is able to enhance the color of a diamond in the same way
that it would happen in nature. In the natural process, impurities and
imperfections within the diamond can be affected by heat and pressure miles
below the surface of the earth.

The carbon atoms in the diamond will be replaced by foreign elements like
Boron or Nitrogen. As these atoms change, the crystal structure is rearranged
causing white light to be dispersed into different wavelengths,
(we all remember ROY G BIV from grade school).

The Briza Lior Process imitates nature by replacing the heat, pressure and time
below the earth with a simple accelerated electron beam. The end result is
the same. The electron beam forces the Boron and Nitrogen atoms to replace some
of the Carbon atoms.

The Crystal structure is then rearranged. The white light gets dispersed, and we’re
then able to see a variety of beautiful vivid colors. There is nothing artificial added,
and the color is permanent. The process does not use radiation, and there is no
residual radioactivity. It is completely safe and complies with all U.S. federal regulations.