Colored Diamonds- The Process

A world leader in natural polished diamond color enhanced technologies, Briza Lior’ process starts at the point where nature stops its own color processing.

The Briza Lior process imitates nature’s way of coloring that takes place deep in the ground. Natural polished diamonds are re-exposed to the environmental conditions they require in order to build up their assigned colors. And the results are color enhanced natural diamonds for a fraction of the cost. While no more than 1% of natural diamonds are of vivid colors, Briza Lior technologies can successfully enhance 99.9% of diamonds into one of 14 fabulous colors shades.

For jewelers, designers and manufactures, this is a dream comes true, while the end consumer can buy beautiful diamond jewelry with huge savings. Briza Lior team is known for its personal and accurate service, extending its experience to the benefit of customers worldwide. Briza Lior technologies fully comply with