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Briza Lior Turns White into Colored Diamonds. We have started offering diamond companies
the service of turning their polished whites into color-enhanced diamonds thereby
upgrading their value and increasing pricing possibilities. Briza Lior proprietary technology
uses an electronic accelerator to simulate the conditions nature uses to color diamonds.

Our state-of-the art process allows us to offer consistent results in 14 different colors.
Briza Lior catalog includes deep hues and light shades in blues, greens, gold and yellows,
orange, cognac, red cherry and black. This service enables diamontaires to offer colored
diamonds at an attractive price as well as giving more artistic freedom to designers.

Briza Lior does not color the diamond but uses the color inherent in the diamond.
“The diamond is comprised of carbon and other elements as well”, says Briza Lior owner
Lior Lzboutzky. “Under the proper conditions, the carbon, plus these secondary
components, combine to create color centers in the stone”, he explains.

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